Compare our gucci quality with peers

1⃣️GG metal logo
Our gucci hardware adopts real gold electroplating technology, which has a retro and old-fashioned matte feel. The mottled black marks on the surface are like metal oxidation. There is no old-fashioned feeling in the same industry, and the color is golden everywhere, which almost blinds my big titanium alloy eyes.

2⃣️Small leather label on the front of the origin label
Our origin logo is a typical serif font, what is a serif? It means that there are additional decorations at the beginning and end of the strokes of the characters. The thickness of the strokes will be different. For example, G and C are thicker in the middle and thinner at the top, and U is thicker on the left. The letters of the same line are the same thickness.

3⃣️The digital code on the back of the small leather label
Our code is the product serial number. Take this number to the local store to find out what product it is. People in the same industry generally write the number indiscriminately. Our codes are hand-drawn fancy fonts, 2 and 5 have small tails and circles, 3 has a clear hook back, and 4 and 7 have small horizontal bars at the bottom.

4⃣️ Peach Heart Suture
Marmont medium peach heart sutures are very special. The two sutures on the apex of the heart are finally collected in the same needle hole. Only skilled seamstresses can sew to the end by hand, which is 90% of the same industry.

5⃣️Lock cylinder and lock
The color of our lock is the same as the GG metal logo, and the color difference of the same industry is relatively large. There is glue in the center of our lock cylinder. In order to reduce the friction between the lock cylinder and the lock surface during daily switch use, the surface of the glue is smooth and translucent white. The drip glue of the same industry is raised, the color is cloudy, and it is gray and opaque.

6⃣️Lining and small black label
Our inner lining is made of genuine leather, which feels thin but tough, and the hand feeling of our peers is extremely bad! Our inner bag black label is made of silk, which feels smooth to the touch. Due to the change in weaving density, about 1/3 of the surface of the black label appears to have traces of faults, which can be discerned by the naked eye. Remember that it must be in the inner bag!

Compare our YSL quality with peers

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