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 YSL Yves Saint Laurent Appraisal High-Quality Discrimination Method! I wish everyone a happy Christmas Eve!
On the whole, it is almost difficult to distinguish the authenticity of the two bags, but if you study carefully, you will find that the metal texture and details of the two hardware are slightly different, so keep your eyes open and look carefully.
The detail craftsmanship is always a difficult problem that the peers cannot overcome. Because the cost investment is too high, if the details are overcome, the peers will lose the high-profit interest chain.

⚽️1: Small nails
There is a small raised nail on YSL’s metal logo. The nail on our LOGO is full and round, and the 😈 raised is more obvious. In contrast, the raised nails of our peers are not as full as ours!

😾2: lettering
The lettering on our bags is clear. No water ripples! 👎The counterparts are completely opposite, with severe water ripples and blurry fonts! Let’s squint and see!

💋3: LOGO
This black leather logo tassel is a fine imitation, 🧥Although the leather material and workmanship are good, 👞But the English letter NT in the saint in the brand logo of our bag is connected!

👠There is a certain gap between the letters N and T in the bag brand logo of the same industry, and this detail is still exposed!
The YSL metal buckle of the real bag is thicker and thicker, with a smoother surface and a faint luster and elegance; the fake YSL metal buckle is brighter in silver, and the surface seems to be a little flowery, which is really hard to distinguish.

🌂4: Screws
If you haven’t remembered the previous points, 🕶Here’s another trick for you. 🧳YSL has a metal buckle at the connection of the shoulder strap, and there are two fixed screws on the metal buckle. 💼Look carefully at our screws, they are hexagonal screws. If your bag is a Phillips screw, it must be from the same industry. Friends may wish to take out your YSL to identify it.
🧣Everyone must keep an eye out and look more, don’t fall into the pit.
👒That’s all for today’s identification skills on Saint Laurent tassel bags, and there will be more practical identification articles waiting for you in the future
💍That’s all for today’s identification skills about Saint Laurent tassel bags, and there will be more practical identification articles waiting for you in the future.

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