P900 cowhide duty-free shop packaging, super large label, free shipping, ICARE tote bag ~ shopping bag, double bag, popular ICARE tote bag all over the Internet, “free and hot, comfortable and comfortable, elegance is you, casualness is also you”——Saint Laurent The new tote bag launched in the spring and summer of 22nd has a retro diamond-shaped plaid and precision-detailed craftsmanship. ICARE has also achieved true refinement in the details! As the latest style, ICARE is sure to show different effects in the bag in terms of appearance, material and practicality. It can be used by both men and women. The oversized logo design and the letters on the surface have a sculptural and artistic style, which is very eye-catching and rustic. Cool and cool. I’m so amazed. Size: bottom 38*6*40cm


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