P788 Folding Gift BoxLv medieval denim nurse bagI really have no resistance to this retro bag shapeCommuting suitable for office workersA playful and girlish vibeBeing able to blend so many elements into one bagCan only deliver two words: M44919 Lv messenger bagDone! Beauty! On this bagYou can see a very strong European retro styleWhat I love the most is its fan-shaped buckleThey are all very classicDon’t be afraid of being outdated at allIt can be used foreverWith a large amount of content, it is suitable for people with complete equipment when going out, and can be put into wallets, makeup bags, small water bottles, etc. Alright, did I plant grass after saying so much? Hehe, Dule Le is not as good as Zhongle Le, and planting grass alone is naturally not as good as everyone planting grass together. Size: large 38 23


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